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CB Grey - The Carson Silk Mini


CB Grey - The Kathy Silk Knotted Headband


not just accessories...It's a vibe!

Our products are your mood instant lifter, your conversation starter, and your bold statement to the world.

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I was truly blown away by the quality of the CB Grey scarves! They feel the exact same as some of the designer silk scarves that I have. Thankfully, the designs are SO much better than the designer ones!

Sarah G.

Los Angeles, CA


Today, style can get lost in the overwhelming amounts of fast fashion available to the masses. CB Grey offers an opportunity to shop original, diverse, and authentically fun silk accessories at an affordable price. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?!


New York, NY


I’ve loved silk scarves ever since I saw my mom wearing them growing up. I’m dissuaded from buying most of them though not only because they’re so expensive, but because their designs age the wearer. So I love how all your designs are bright and fun - and affordable!


Charleston, SC


I was not a scarf person until I discovered CB Grey! Courtney is not kidding when she says she is "reinventing the silk scarf"!

Emily B.

Atlanta, GA


Your presentation is stunning. I had a wonderful moment opening the shipping box to find your exquisite beautiful box. It was just as fabulous as Neiman Marcus or Saks honestly. Your beautiful scarf is so luxurious. You have a fabulous product. I will be ordering more!

Shirley F.

Glendale, CA


Spring/Summer 2024

Meet 'The Pippa' and 'The Secret' – our newest collections that blend bold elegance and intriguing charm. Add a dash of fun and a hint of mystery to your wardrobe!

The Journey of a CBG Scarf