The Carson

I want to tell you about the incredible person behind the Carson design.
Imagine walking into a room... any room, filled with anyone. 
Your head is held high, your smile is warm and welcoming, and you give off this kind of joyful vibe that starts to draw people in. Wherever you are, wherever you go and whomever you’re with -- you always exude positivity in a way that feels so effortless. You radiate confidence, courage, joy, fearlessness, and this take-on-the-world energy that is truly tangible. 
This is what it’s like to live like the real Carson — one of the people I admire most in my life. When you’re around her, her positivity runs through you in a way that lights you up -- no matter the circumstance. And that energy, optimism, and authenticity are part of what I admire so much about her. 
For some women, this way of life comes naturally. For others, like me, it doesn’t. The truth is, I’m an introvert. Sure, I’m a positive person -- but I have to make a conscious effort to integrate the power of a positive mindset into the way I live my everyday life – I have to make a conscious effort to choose to be happy. 
Carson represents an energy that I, and many other women, want to exude -- and she inspires me to make it happen simply through the way I see her live her life. 
When you wear the Carson, my hope is that it encourages you to take on this type of positive mindset and way of thinking -- that it helps you look for the good in things, rather than focusing on the bad. Because the fact is, taking on a positive mentality toward life can transform the way you see things -- and in turn, allow you to live a more cheerful and optimistic lifestyle.
So when you wrap yourself in the Carson, let that positive energy run through you and remind yourself that you, too, have it in you -- you just have to let go a little, in order to start looking on the bright side of things.

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CB Grey - The Carson Silk Mini
CB Grey - The Carson Silk Mini
The Carson Silk Mini