The Sarah

Think about a time when you met someone and were absolutely amazed at the way she seemed to so effortlessly exude confidence. You found yourself in awe of the way they simply walked and talked – while likely wishing you had been born that way, too.
Well, I have a secret for you: one of the most common misconceptions in life is that confidence is a gift you’re given at birth – when in reality, it’s something that exists inside every single one of us as human beings -- whether you’ve discovered it yet or not. The truth is your mindset, attitude and overall lifestyle are what build confidence. This is just one story of what that looks like. 
Meet one of my best friends, Sarah.
She is sophisticated, well-mannered, has impeccable style, and whether she feels like it or not, she is always “put together.” 
The way a woman dresses and presents her life – whether it be herself, her home, or whatever else – impacts the way she carries herself. A well-put-together woman exudes confidence, poise, and strength, and in turn, this attitude allows her to feel and carry a sense of certainty about herself. Self-perception creates your reality; the more self-confidence you convey, the more likely it is that you will do your best.  
When I designed the Sarah, I not only wanted it to convey this extremely empowering message, but I also wanted it to represent so much more – including how this type of mindset can free you up to be exactly who you are in life.
When you open it up, you can see this quote printed on the design: “She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes.”
When you meet Sarah, you see this perfectly put-together woman. But when you look a little deeper, you’ll find that this lifestyle you see isn’t just about appearances. What makes a woman like Sarah so admirable isn’t just the way her life appears from the outside looking in – it’s about the fact that her sense of self-confidence allows her to be the goofy, silly, carefree, and lighthearted person that she truly is – without worrying about what other people think. Sarah carries a tremendous amount of strength within her – she beats to her own drum, and for those around her, she is a constant reminder to live life by your own rules and to not take things too seriously.
To me, the Sarah is about not only appreciating and celebrating the courage it takes for a woman to live her life in a way that allows her to feel confident in who she is, but also recognizing how your mindset can give you the freedom to be who you truly are – and the confidence to reveal the magic secrets you carry within your own eyes.
When you wear this piece, my hope is that it inspires you to find the fortitude to live by your own rules – while staying true to your values and what makes you unique. The world deserves to see the magic secrets you have hiding – so it’s time to discover the strength that already lies within you and start carrying yourself with confidence – knowing that being you is exactly what living life is all about.