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The Brooke Shawl

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CB Grey Shawls are made from the perfect blend of silk and modal. They can be worn around your neck, over your shoulders, or even as a sarong on the beach!

Silk/ Modal Blend

Measures 55" x 55"

Sustainably produced in small batches.

A collaboration with artist, Brooke Lancaster

When Brooke Lancaster looks down the Georgia coastline that she calls home, she sees three generations of inspiration amongst the deep ocean water, triumphant marsh, and beautiful shores where she spends an abundant amount of time with her family. The art gene was building in Brooke 45 years before she was born when her grandfather took a job at Gulfstream Aerospace designing and sketching the world’s most exclusive luxury airliners. It was passed on to her father and then to Brooke, whose style combines the clean, purposeful lines and shadows of her grandfather’s architecture with bold, bright colors that give you a glimpse into Brooke’s cheerful, uplifting personality.

While her grandfather was the one who taught Brooke to appreciate proportion, it was her maternal grandmother’s 1960’s shift dresses and hanging laundry on warm summer days that first inspired her palette. Her dream workspace would be the relics of an abandoned boat house with an airy breeze and the smell of salty waters. Brooke applies this retro/modern style to her current works and loves to play with solid, bright hues as well as New England inspired patterns and complimentary colors.

With the support of her husband, Jacob, and two children, Stone and Scotland, Brooke made the decision to pursue painting full time in March 2020. It has given her the freedom to spend more time with her family as well as create any time inspiration strikes.

In Brooke’s recent clotheslines you can see her fascination with highlights and shadows. The infinite possibilities of clothing and memorable items give her a sense of nostalgia and the process of hanging clothing to dry reminds Brooke that there are no limits to what tomorrow may bring when painting artwork. In a studio that is a constant mess, Brooke enjoys bringing order to her canvases. She finds peace and purpose in the balance.

In addition to clotheslines, Brooke regularly paints still life scenes and portraits. She is currently accepting commissions. 

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