About old

We are re-inventing the silk scarf for the modern woman.

Our designs are unique. Our quality is top-notch. Our prices are affordable.  

Why silk?
Simply put, silk makes you feel fancy - and sometimes a little bit of fancy can make even the ugliest of days feel prettier.



Each print is unique combination of hand-drawn illustrations and graphic designs.  They are abstract and whimsical with a touch of realism.  They are elegant but also edgy.  We want women to feel bold, confident and frankly, badass, when they wear our pieces.



Bottomline - we use the exact same materials as the high-end, luxury designers.  Quality was something that was very important to us from day 1.  We tested numerous fabrics and sourced samples from a variety of manufactures to come to the realization that those high-end, luxury designers chose their fabrics simply because they are the best - so we did the same. 



Feeling luxurious should not be obtainable only by the 1%.  Everyone deserves to be draped in the deliciousness of high quality silk pieces.  Keeping our prices lower than other silk brands may not line our pockets but thats ok with us.  We thrive on the hope that our pieces bring a little bit of joy, excitement, and luxuriousness to your life!  




Hey! Thanks for being here (seriously, it really means a lot to me)!

I'm Courtney.  I founded CB Grey in Atlanta, GA in 2020 (yes, it's a pandemic project 😜) and I am here to change the world one scarf at a time.  

So this brand is basically me, but in a softer, more luxurious form.  

That being said, to fully understand the brand I will tell you a little more about me...

1) I identify with the following - self-proclaimed - adjectives (in no particular order):

cheeky - goofy - creative - bold - silly - adventurous - sarcastic - fun - quirky - energetic - giving - loyal - honest - lively - colorful 

2) I enjoy the following things (in no particular order):

silk (obvi!) - frozen mm's - red wine - my kid - my dog - my husband - old school jazz and modern folk - exploring - binge watching - making lists (and checking them twice haha) - giving (it's my love language) - bad grammar (I would make out with an Oxford comma) - laughing - travel - dancing

3) I battle with some dualistic/oxymoronic traits:

social introvert - free spirited control freak - abstract realist


Throw all of this into a blender with some fine silk and pour yourself a glass of CB Grey! 

Luxurious, unique, and affordable high-quality, hand-drawn silk scarves.  

Now dance your way over to the shop and jump on this silky bandwagon with me!