The Belle

When I began designing the Belle, I didn’t have one specific woman in mind. Instead, I wanted it to represent what the CB Grey brand is all about – both in the actual design and the story I wanted it to tell. So, I designed the piece to represent the everywoman – everyday women who are transforming their lives every day – striving to bring more joy, happiness and fulfillment to their life.
The Butterfly
By combining my unique design style with the powerful symbol of the butterfly, the Belle exemplifies the power of seeking transformation and change in life – finding the courage to be you and celebrate your beauty. The butterfly is considered a lucky charm during these cycles of change – keeping you moving during periods of renewal and rebirth. The butterfly is known to help bring a missing playfulness and lightness of being to life.
The symbol of the butterfly is the ideal catalyst for adding more color to your life and empowering self-expression. It gives you the energy and confidence you need to express yourself openly and reflect your true colors into the world around you. 
Everyone loves butterflies for their bright colors and distinct patterns – and in turn, these beautiful creatures can bring a new level brightness and liveliness to your life. The butterfly conveys a meaningful message of lightening up your life and adding more color to it – encouraging you to take the opportunity to express yourself completely by showing your true self. This is exactly what CB Grey hopes to empower you to do every time you wrap yourself in the Belle, and every time you look down and reminded of what those butterflies are telling you. 
The Name
What do you name a scarf that represents the everywoman? I was stumped, too – until I really began to think through, and take to heart, the message it is intended to convey. 
The name Belle is the French word for beautiful and comes from the latin word Bella. 
Our packaging displays the words “you are beautiful” for a reason – to remind you that YOU ARE! 
I named the scarf the Belle as a way to celebrate the everywoman and her path to finding and celebrating her true self – because what is more beautiful than that?

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CB Grey - The Belle Shawl
CB Grey - The Belle Shawl
The Belle Shawl