The Kathy

The Kathy - CB Grey

There are moments in life that require more than you think you have to give: more courage, more patience, more confidence, more energy. But guess what? You dug deep and you did it anyway. This is for every woman who has been surprised by her own strength.

This scarf is named after a woman who showed a selfless, unwavering strength for over a decade as a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Meet Kathy.

She is the kind of woman other women strive to be. She’s beautiful from the inside out, kind to all, calm in a crisis, wise but never arrogant, as sensitive as she is tough, and optimistic almost to a fault.

Kathy cared for her husband, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in his 50s, until he died at age 66 right before Christmas in 2020. She fought tirelessly for better treatment and care while helping him navigate the world with dignity and purpose. She often found herself in situations far outside her comfort zone and tackled each one with levels of courage, patience, and grace that fall outside the normal bounds of human nature.

She has a spirit that puts you at ease and makes you want to tell her everything. When you eventually do, she’ll probably remember every word you said and find a thoughtful way to let you know she heard you. She assigns meaning to everything, so don’t overlook a single detail when something comes from her. It was chosen, placed, or created with a specific, beautiful purpose in mind.

Much like the woman it’s named after, every detail in the Kathy has meaning. The peacock symbolizes grace and dignity while the bird’s feather represents the brain and good luck. The color purple honors the fight against Alzheimer’s and the gold ring represents the compassionate devotion to the person battling it.

The stairs and sunbeams in the top right and bottom left squares symbolize heaven and the rainbows in the others signify hope and peace. In the center, you’ll find the words “beauty in everything” as a reminder that no matter how hard or dark it gets, there is beauty to be found.

When you wrap yourself in the Kathy scarf, let it infuse you with an extra dose of whatever you need for the day: courage, strength, patience, grace. And remember, there is beauty to be found in each day, even if it’s just the elegant scarf around your neck.


These beautiful words were written by Kathy's daughter, Christie Diez.

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