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The Ellis - CB Grey



The Ellis is one of my designs that wasn’t actually inspired by just one specific woman, but rather a group of women who were united by what I believe to be a very empowering collective consciousness – one that plays a very special role in the history of this nation.

Driven by a unique set of shared beliefs, values, dreams and moral attitudes, these women helped shape what America – and the concept of the American dream – stand for today.

The design of the piece actually came to me in a dream – before I even realized what it would ultimately represent.

The story of the Ellis really began to come to life when I took a step back to think about what it means to be able to vote – how it symbolizes not only the freedoms we are given in this country, including the ability to stand up and use our voice to create change, but also how we, the American people, came to be here.

I named this piece the Ellis after Ellis Island – as a way to celebrate all of the immigrants who came to this country in search of a better life and the American dream, and ultimately, helped shape a nation and society that values individual self-expression – something that still, to this day, makes the United States a very special place to call home.  

I used a combination of reds and blues – with the word vote – because at my core, I am SO proud to live in this country that embodies the true value and power of freedom in all of its forms.

This design is intended to honor all of the women who came through Ellis Island, leaving their lives behind to give their families a new start and a chance to experience a real sense of freedom, and all of the opportunities that come with it. While facing extraordinary challenges along the way, these women demonstrated a fighting spirit and sense of perseverance that the American Way still stands for today.

And that is something that deserves to be celebrated.



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