The Dakota

The Dakota - CB Grey

When I started to design the Dakota, I knew I wanted it to represent a free spirit -- a woman who is wise, fearless, brave and an adventurer.

I started to think about my personal connection to Native American Culture -- and what it all means to me. What immediately came to mind was the role that Native American women traditionally play among their people and families. They are the leaders — at the heart of the nation — keeping everything together. 

I began to research, learning more and more about these women, who, despite suffering through tumultuous childhoods and unimaginable life challenges, grew into strong, brave leaders who fought for their people – and fought for what they believed in.

I let their stories breathe through me -- and then I began to bring them all to life through the design of the scarf. 

The primarily black canvas symbolizes strength and victory. The pops of turquoise – a combination of blue and green – represent endurance, harmony, confidence, wisdom and authority – values that served as the foundation for the way these women lived their everyday lives.

The Dakota isn’t about just one woman – but every female warrior out there who is striving to live by the same principles in her own life every single day.

So, when you wear this piece, my hope is that it reminds you to face each day with the wisdom, strength and bravery that you have inside of you. We are all warriors, sometimes it may just take a reminder that despite what’s going on around you, that fighter is inside of you. And my hope for you is that you use this piece as a catalyst to dig deep and live life like the strong, brave woman that you deserve to not only share with the world, but also with yourself.

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