The Collier

Isn't it amazing how some things in life just align in the most beautiful way? The story behind this design really tugs on my heartstrings every time I think about it.

It all started with a silent auction at a gala for Autism Speaks (thank you, Susan!), where I had donated a custom design experience. The winning bidder was a woman named Cary, but to Collier, she goes by mom ;)

Collier is an extraordinary little boy with a heart of gold who loves to paint and draw—especially pandas! When I met with Cary to discuss the design, I learned about Collier's love for these cuddly creatures and got to see all of his panda-inspired artwork. I knew right away that a panda had to be the star of the scarf—using one of Colliers' original masterpieces as my inspiration, of course!

The design process was nothing short of magical - even though it took me WAYYYYY longer than expected (Yes, Cary, I still feel bad about that, lol). But it happened exactly when it was supposed to! When working on the design, I really wanted to capture the essence of Collier's joyous spirit and his unique view of the world. As you can see in the scarf design, a cheerful panda sits front and center, surrounded by a riot of color and patterns that evoke a sense of movement and playfulness. It's a world of happiness and wonder, just like Collier himself.

As for the name... well, during the design process, Cary and I called it "The Collier," naturally, but once the design was finished, I thought maybe we should ask the REAL Collier what he wanted to call it. Without hesitation, he said, "Boys Rule Panda" - the perfect representation of his view on the design.  And while Cary and I LOVED his title, it didn't quite roll off the tongue like "The Collier," ;) but I couldn't completely dismiss his creative view,  so instead, I decided it had to go on the design itself!  

So, originally, Cary thought she would have these pieces to give as gifts for Father's Day (we were only doing pocket squares at that point). Well, boy, was she wrong, but thankfully for me, she was VERY patient. As other things in the business kept popping up, I kept having to put The Collier on hold, but I continued to promise Cary that no matter what, I would have them done and in hand by Christmas - even though I was slightly panicking that due to holiday shipping craziness that they would not actually arrive before Christmas. Well, it was a true Christmas miracle. The package arrived at CBG headquarters on the evening of December 23. Mallory and I immediately hopped in the car and headed straight to deliver the finally finished scarves and pocket squares to Cary and Collier.

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The sparkle in his eyes, as he took in the design—his design—was a moment of pure magic. His reaction was a mixture of surprise and pure delight - and even a bit of schooling me lol... Luckily, he was already wearing a blazer as we crashed their house right as they were about to leave for dinner. I put the pocket square in Collier's pocket for a picture, to which he proceeded to immediately take it out of his pocket, re-fold it, put it back in his pocket - the "right" way - and then grinned and said, "ok now I am ready for a picture." :)

Knowing that Collier would not be able to wear his pocket square all the time, I wanted to surprise him with a few other more kid-friendly pieces. So, in addition to his pocket square, I gave him a one-of-a-kind t-shirt with his design and a sketchbook with his design on the cover to help inspire him to keep creating art, as he was such an inspiration to me.

The short visit was filled with raw emotion; everyone, myself included, shared happy tears. It was a reminder of why I do what I do at CB Grey. Yes, we are a fashion brand, but it's not just about the products - it's about making a genuine connection, spreading joy, and celebrating the unique stories of real people. This scarf isn't just a piece of silk; it's a narrative. It's Collier's narrative interwoven with mine. It's a piece that goes beyond accessory to become a symbol of triumph, of the beauty in our differences and the unspoken bond we share through art and expression.

And as this scarf finds its way out into the world, wrapped around the necks of those who carry their own stories, I hope it serves as a reminder of the beauty and strength in our individual journeys. It's more than just the threads that make a CB Grey scarf; it's the stories, the connections, and the shared moments of happiness that really make it come alive. This creation for Collier is a celebration of all that and more.

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Collier's original painting was the inspiration behind the design! 

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